Lego Battletech (Mechwarrior): King Crab ‘Mech


Completed in 2020, the King Crab model stands around 14 inches high and consists of 3,558 pieces.

My largest Lego model yet, I was initially excited about building the King Crab due to its opening/closing claws which can conceal its twin AC20s. This functionality is replicated in the model as well as the ability to torso twist. The legs are locked for stability however, as the torso and forward arms require plenty of support.

This model is specifically built off of the King Crab’s appearance in HareBrained Schemes’ Battletech PC game. The model differs slightly in this game in that the arms are held outward at the shoulder, rather than directly forward as they appear in the Piranha Games’ Mechwarrior games.

Additional Photos

2D Render


Full instructions for this model are available on the instructions page.

Instruction Page