Using Bricklink

Bricklink is an absolutely amazing resource for building original Lego creations.

Below are instructions available for download in PDF form. Each set of instructions includes a Bill Of Materials which will outline the complete list of parts needed to build the model. Bricklink includes a wanted list feature which allows users to create a list of any desired parts and then convert it directly into orders from their store.

Each model has a “parts list” file as well. This text can be copied and pasted into Bricklink’s “Upload XML format” feature to automatically create a wanted list for all needed parts. This feature can be found under the “Want” tab, and then select “Upload” and then select “XML Format.” This is a great tool to also get an estimate of what the total project will cost. (I have heard reports of this not working correctly in certain web browsers other than Chrome)


All of the included instructions are free to download. I really enjoy creating Lego instructions so that anyone can build my models, but it does take a lot of time, so if you’ve enjoyed them, please consider supporting me in one of the ways listed on my support page.

Thanks in advance and happy building!

Battletech: King Crab Mech

It’s worth noting that currently there are 4 pieces in the build that aren’t yet available in white. These are the new 2×4 wedge plates. Since white is a common colour they should be available soon, but until then white paint is required.

My photographed King Crab model has stickers applied from Lego Sets 75138, 75188, 75221, 70609.

Borderlands: Outrunner

I’ve created instructions in different base colors (Tan, White, Black, and Blue) so that the model can be built in a variety of color schemes. Please see the main Outrunner page for renders of the available color options.

I’d recommend the white or black base for the best building experience as well as cheapest parts options. The parts for these options run around $400 on Bricklink. The Blue options require a few part swaps (which are noted in the instructions) and the parts are more expensive, costing around $450.

The tan base unfortunately requires some pieces be painted, as not all required pieces are available in tan at the moment. Paint “Humbrol 103 Cream Matt” is an excellent match for tan. Paint “Tamiya Wooden Deck Tan” is an excellent match for dark tan. These pieces also cost around $450.

It is also worth noting that a cutting tool will be required for the hose pieces. As hoses are not available in all colors per length, long hoses are included in the parts lists, and will need to be cut to desired length.

My photographed Outrunner model has stickers applied from Lego Sets 75188 and 76142, which can be purchased as well.

Battletech: Uziel Mech

My photographed Uziel model has stickers applied from Lego Sets 75259 and 60173, which can be purchased as well.

Battletech: Ryoken Mech