Lego Battletech (Mechwarrior): Uziel 'Mech


Completed in 2019, the Uziel model stands 10 inches tall and consists of over 1,350 pieces.

This was my second original lego model. The Uziel always had a stunning design and I thought it would be a very interesting project to try to recreate it as a Lego model.

Early on, it was a challenge to find the right techniques to emulate the curved torso as well as the multijointed legs of the ‘mech. As the model progressed, optimizing the weight of the torso became an issue as I really wanted to maintain a leg design that was very close to the original concept art.

I hadn’t originally intended for a base to accompany the model, but towards the end of the project it became obvious that a base would be required to give the model the stability it needed. After some deliberation I settled on recreating a hex-base for the model, to mimic the bases on the Battletech tabletop miniatures.

Additional Photos

2D Render


Full instructions for this model is available on the instructions page.

Instruction Page